“Our MISSION is to provide impartial advise, impart knowledge and devise creative strategies to resolve matters, anticipate legal liabilities and plan for the future of our clients. By becoming a premier boutique law firm in New York and New Jersey State providing a client centered service, working with an elite team of legal professionals and support staff that strive to be the standard for excellence, actively expanding our practice areas to provide a broader range of services to our clients, investing in new systems and technologies to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness and incorporating firm-wide social responsibility efforts”

Kunal P. Tewani, ESQ., Principal Attorney at Tewani Law

Our Values


Legal matters can be intimidating but your lawyer should not be, we take pride in our personalized service, giving importance to getting to know and being accessible to our clients via email, phone call or on our client portal 

Detail Orientated

Whether filing an immigration application or reviewing a contract, attention to detail is essential, as a minute point can be the deciding factor of a case. It is a quality we apply when understanding the specifics of a case, to preparation and application of legal procedures.


We encourage transparency in our service by advising our clients of the strengths and weaknesses of their case to allow for realistic expectations and informed decisions. Furthermore, we ensure clients understand our deliverables and billings before we begin a case.

Goal Oriented

Whether we are retained by a foreign national looking to work in the USA or a startup business, we encourage our clients to practice Proactive Law by developing short and long term goals that form the basis our case strategy.


We treat our clients with respect and dignity, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, ability, gender, size or wealth, which is further enforced by our diverse portfolio of clients. We simply aim to provide legal assistance to the best of our abilities.


We aim to provide a reliable service by enforcing our values, investing in a strong team and technologies, fulfilling our commitments and proactively communicating with our clients, in a timely matter.


From partners to support staff, we believe teamwork and collaboration encourages a healthy work environment which allows us to provide a better service and experience to our clients.