B-2 Tourist and Visitor Visa


The B-2 visa is available to foreign nationals who are seeking temporary entry to the United States for the purpose of pleasure. This includes tourism, vacation, visiting friends or family, medical treatment, certain social events, unpaid amateur event or contests, or short recreational courses of study which are not for degree credit. Those entering on the to receive medical treatment will also need to submit related documentation to support their application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Purpose of the trip is to enter the United States for one of the permitted reasons noted above
  • Will remain for a specific limited period of time
  • Has sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the trip
  • Has a residence in a country outside the United States and has no intention of abandoning it
  • Has other binding ties to the foreign country of residence

Length of Stay

Immigration officers may grant an initial stay between 1 and 6 months. Officers base their decision on the purpose of the visit, the visa holder’s U.S. travel history, and other factors. The visa holder can later apply for an extension up to 1 year, which is the maximum permitted for B-1 visa holders per trip.

Steps Involved

There are multiple steps involved in obtaining a B2 visa. These include obtaining a digital photograph of each applicant, completing visitor visa application, paying the fee, interviewing, submitting fingerprints at the Visa Application Center and finally, interviewing at the designated U.S. Consulate. To find out how to get started, reach out to us today!

What We Do

  • Provide guidance on the scope of activities permissible under the B-2 Visa
  • Provide assistance in the B-2 Application and evidence required
  • Review applications to identify potential concerns that may affect the outcome of the application
  • Provide assistance for B-2 Visa holders in the United States who wish to extend their stay or apply for a Change of Status

Additional Details

Dependent visas are not available for B-2 applicants. Accompanying or following dependents are required to apply for a B-2 visa separately.

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