P-3 Artist or Entertainer part of a Culturally Unique Program


The P-3 nonimmigrant visa is for individuals coming to the United States to temporarily perform, teach, or coach as artists or entertainers, individually or as members of a group, as part of a program that is culturally unique.

Accompanying spouse and children under the age of 21 of performers may be eligible to apply for P-4 nonimmigrant visas but may not work in the United States under this classification. However, they may engage in full or part time study on a P-4 visa.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individual a cultural performance group entering the U.S. for the purpose of developing, interpreting, representing, coaching, or teaching a unique or traditional ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or artistic performance or presentation
  • Must participate in a cultural event or events which will further the understanding or development of your art form

Length of Stay

Artists and entertainers are allowed to stay for the time needed to complete the event, with a maximum initial period of stay of one year. Extensions may be granted in increments of up to one year, in order to continue or complete the qualifying event, activity or performance.

What We Do

  • Prepare a thorough P-3 application with evidence required
  • Review applications to identify potential concerns that may affect the outcome of the application
  • Provide guidance in maintaining the P-3 status
  • Provide assistance to P-3 holders within the United States that wish to extend their visa, apply for a Change of Status or Adjustment of Status

Additional Details

Essential Support Personnel who are an integral part of the performance of the P-3 artist or entertainer and who perform support services not readily performed by a U.S. worker may also be eligible for P-3 status.

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